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Academic Editing and Proofreading Service


Our professional editing and proofreading service is exclusively for academics. Our specialism is proofreading and editing journal articles written by professors, lecturers, early-career academics, and research post­graduates.

We cover subjects in the social sciences and humanities, ranging from psychology, sociology, and education to history, art, and literature.

Our focus is in serving those academics for whom English is a second or foreign language (ESL/EFL) and who wish to have their work published internationally in British and American publications. This is our standard service (academic editing).

UniWord provides the assurance that your manuscript will meet the standard of English required for successful publication.







Professional Editing for Academics — by Academics

We employ only native English-speaking academics with a proven command of the English language, who have experience in academic proofreading and have themselves been published in high-impact journals. Our Managing Editor is currently the lead copy-editor for a leading international journal. Read more about us.




N.B. Please note, our academic proofreading and editing service is principally for professional academics aiming at publication. We do not accept assignments from undergraduates or taught Masters students.



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