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Academic Editing Service (EFL/ESL Authors)Academic Editing Rate

This service aims to correct sentence structure (syntax), grammar, spelling, and punctuation, with a view to improving the clarity of writing. It is especially suited to writers for whom English is not a first language.


The fee is calculated per word at the rate of £12.49 per 1,000 words (approx. 16 USD or 15 EUR). We invoice in pounds sterling (GBP) but you can pay in your own currency.


For an estimate, please use the fee calculator below.


(Minimum charge £20)


Our academic editing tariff is simple and transparent. We charge per word, so you know exactly what you will pay from the start. There are no additional banking charges or taxes to pay.


We will confirm the total word count and fee by email when you submit your order.



Academic Proofreading Service

For native English speakers we offer a straightforward proofreading service at a lower rate.

Click here for pricing.



Social Sciences

We accept the following payment methods:

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Payment is completed through PayPal, a secure method of payment. You do not need a PayPal account.

On receiving our invoice, follow the instructions to pay by your preferred method and currency.


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