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Proofreading & Editing Service


Your article or manuscript is proofread and edited for:

  • grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation
  • adherence to referencing conventions
  • consistency in style and formatting
  • typographical errors
  • clarity of expression


For many academics English is a second language. Our service therefore includes editing as standard to ensure clarity of expression and meaning. Where words and phrases are obscure or ambiguous we suggest alternatives where possible, using the ‘comments’ feature in Word. All changes are tracked using the ‘track changes’ function for review by the author.*



We proofread, edit, and return a document within 7 working/business days (for manuscripts under 12,000 words). We will confirm the deadline on receiving your order.


FREE Follow-up revisions

In addition to proofreading your work we will review your own alterations made in the light of our comments free of charge. This gives authors the opportunity to rewrite key phrases or sentences whose meaning in the original was marked as obscure or as making little sense to the reader. Free resubmissions are limited to 5% of the original word count (e.g. 250 words for a 5,000 word article) and must be submitted in a separate document for review.



We do not format or typeset a document to a house style. We reserve the right not to correct gross errors; for example, when the author has followed a referencing system different from the one stipulated.



* For further information on the use of ‘track changes’ in Word, please consult this helpful article from Microsoft.


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